Booster Club

Steamboat Friends of Gymnastics - S.F.O.G.

Who are we? We are all the parents of gymnasts and other athletes who come together to form a booster club called Steamboat Friends of the Gymnastics. If you have a child on the gymnastics or cheer teams, you are a member of SFOG. The club does have a board of directors who facilitate communication and organization of fundraising.

What is our purpose? We foster amateur gymnastics and cheer competition for athletes in Routt County. We increase community awareness and support these athletes to perform to the best of their ability. We facilitate communication between the Excel Gym and SFOG.

What do we do? We volunteer our time to multiple organized fundraisers during the year. Each parent is asked to help with home meets (typically 2-3/year). At these meets, we raise money at the concession stands and raffles. We aid with gym set up, tasks during the meets and tear down after the meets.

How do you participate? Before all meets we will have a sign up sheet posted on the doors to the main gym. This sign up includes food donation, shifts for concession, set up, tear down, etc. You can also volunteer to be a board member and help with the planning of the meets and fundraisers. The board meets once a month and anyone is welcome to attend the meetings.

We at SFOG look forward to meeting you and working with you to best support all of our children.